Very few people can claim that they are the proud owners of authentic Antique Persian Rugs. Current Iran and former Persia is famous for its Antique Persian Rugs, and rightly so, as they are not only beautiful but significant as years of labor goes into making one rug, the color and weave of each rug is unique.

The Antique Persian Rugs are also praised for its durability as well. all these features make these rugs not only popular but pretty expensive as well. Antique Persian rugs have a distinct quality to add the classy element to any setting.

Persian Ban by the Us Government:

If you are lucky enough to own a couple of antique Persian rugs, know that its value has increased considerably in the last decade. Ever since the ban has been activated on everything going or coming from Iran, the value of these antique Persian rugs has been increased by double. So, if you have an Antique Persian Rug, make sure you understand the exact value before deciding to sell it.

Understanding the Value of your Antique Persian Rugs:

antique persian rugs
Antique Persian Rug

Authentic Persian rugs are not only handmade by men and women in Persia, but it takes around a year to complete one single rug. These rugs are woven on looms that are installed in their homes. When a Persian rug is made it takes a lot of time as well as effort. If you are looking to understand the value of your antique Persian rugs, just turn them over, and inspect the underside of it.

When you see irregularities in the stitching pattern, these are the indications of hand-woven rugs. Because Hand-made antique Persian rugs, it’s very important that you check for the hand made indications. One such important indications are the knots and tufts. If the color reaches the base without breaking the rug is authentic, also check for the knots, knots are also a great way to know that the rug is authentic. Machine made Persian rugs don’t have these features, and they are not as valuable as the hand-made rugs are.

Knot Density:

When you are aware of knot density, you will understand that the denser knots are the proof of the rug being made in the city. Whereas, less dense knots are proof that the rugs were made in the village or rural area. The reason for less dense knots is the lack of tools in the village. Albeit the lack of tools, these tribal antique Persian rugs are more beautiful and have better value, as more labor, effort and time goes in them.

Age Factor of Antique Persian Rugs:

Just the way wine matures with age and becomes valuable; antique Persian rugs are the same. The age matters when it comes to the pricing of a Persian rug. But there is a catch, this only happens with hand-made antique Persian rugs, whereas the machine-made rugs lose their value with time. There are many factors regarding the age of the authentic rugs that make it special, like the fact that the character of the rug enhances with time, give it a more harmonious look compared to the machine-made rugs.

The variation is a huge factor as well. It would be really hard for you to find a Hand-made and significantly aged rug that matches another in design or color. having said that the older the rug is, the higher the value will be, but you also have to keep in mind the condition of such an old piece. Say, if it’s a 100-year-old rug the condition won’t be perfect.

There can be environmental damage, permanent stains as well as moth damage. These things matter when it comes to valuing Persian rugs. In such a case, maybe your 10 years old Persian rug will have more value, on the basis of its condition than the 100-year-old one.

Material type:

The type of raw material used in the rug is also considered a factor when it comes to pricing antique Persian Rugs. All this determines the quality of the rugs. Points like how it was woven? The kind of material used in the carpet as well as the quality of the used material matters as well. materials such as silk, wool or camel hair also contribute to the value if the rugs.

The dye matters as well, vegetable dyed rugs have a higher value than synthetically dyed rugs. Knot counts matters as well, but this particular is pretty tricky, and only professional can determine this, but usually, the more knots mean more value.

Wool and its effect on the price and value of the Rug:

Understand the type of wools is very important when it comes to pricing Antique Persian Rugs. Wool extracted from a live animal has kore value, as the fibers are taken from alive animals have certain oils and the lanolin that keeps the wool soft and makes it age better. The sheen of such rugs only increases with age. They do not become hard and rough like dead and processed wool does, which becomes coarse and dull with time.

Silk and its effect on the price and value of the rug.

Rubbing silk between your palms determines the authenticity of it. if the rug warms between you hand its hand made and real silk because manufactured silk never warms like that. Being authentic makes it durable as well as light, which increases the value of antique rugs.