One of the most common ways to know if someone smokes tobacco products is the dingy, yellowish color found inside their homes. This is because the smoke which is exhaled along with the burning tobacco from the cigarette, cigar, or pipe tends to coat the surface of the room interior over time. The gradual buildup not only discolors the walls, ceiling, and furnishings, but also gives off an unpleasant odor. But is the same true for CBD vaping?

At first, the impression of vaping is that you can release large plumes of vapor when you exhale, leading to the obvious concern that the result will be a staining of your ceiling, walls, and furniture. After all, vaping is similar in many ways to smoking. But there are some important differences as well, which means that your concern of whether it will lead to the same conditions as smoking tobacco products should be corrected.

Why Furniture Gets Stained?
When smoking tobacco-based products, the exhale releases some nicotine into the air along with other elements. While the smoke is quickly dispersed in an open environment, inside a room is far different. This is because the chemicals found in tobacco, including nicotine, are allowed to linger and eventually form on the walls, ceiling, and furniture.

Because the air tends to move little, the chemicals that are contained within the smoke tend to cling to surfaces and build up quickly. Unless you do a thorough scrubbing of the inside of your residence every few days, the substances will quickly build up, become sticky, and hard to remove. In most cases, the build-up cannot be removed, but rather painted over in terms of the ceiling and walls. As for the furniture, it can be quite difficult to clean properly, especially the fabrics.

It does not help that the build-up also contains chemicals that are harmful to others, much like second-hand smoke. While the exposure may not be as concentrated, over time it can cause issues for non-smokers in the household. However, vaping uses different chemicals which means that the results to your residence will be different.

How Vaping is Different

First off, about the only similarity between the chemicals released in CBD vaping compared to traditional tobacco products is the nicotine. While the nicotine itself is somewhat sticky when it comes into contact with furniture, walls, ceiling, and other surfaces, it should be noted that relatively little is released. This is because the lungs absorb most of the nicotine present. Most of what is released is so small that it tends to not even reach the walls, ceiling, or surrounding furniture.

Plus, the CBD vaporizer itself does not contain the other chemicals found in tobacco, which means that the distinctive yellowish stain is not present. What is released tends to be natural flavor enhancers which means that instead of a sticky, unsightly mess, most people will only notice the scent of the CBD vaping itself with little evidence of anything else present.

While this does not mean that staining is impossible, it does mean that with CBD vaping the buildup is far less over time. In fact, it may be several years before you notice any tinge or discoloration on your furniture, if at all.

Can CBD Vaping Damage Furniture?

The short answer is yes, but only over a long period and with no cleaning. Plus, the staining is different compared to tobacco-based products because the ingredients of CBD vape smoke is not the same. Because it mostly consists of water vapor, that tends to pick up the dust floating inside the room which may make its way to the furniture.

So, instead of harsh chemicals as found in tobacco smoke which can stick to and damage furniture, the staining that results from heavy CBD vaping activity is mostly dust and dirt that collects on the surface.

This means that using a simple furniture cleaner and cloth will remove the build-up quickly and easily. Because there is no tar or other chemicals found with tobacco, whatever staining does occur can be quickly and easily removed with no harm to the furniture, walls, or ceiling.

Plus, the only agent inside CBD vape smoke that picks up the dust and dirt floating in the air is the limited amount of nicotine. If you vape without nicotine, then the chances of staining are reduced to practically zero.

This is because the water vapor itself will mostly trap the dust and dirt, causing it to fall to the floor. Without the nicotine as a bonding agent, there is little chance for actual staining as compared to tobacco smoke.

Steps to Prevent Staining

If you CBD vape without nicotine, especially if you use natural products, then you should not have to clean your furniture, walls, or ceiling with any more frequency compared to not vaping at all. However, if you do vape with nicotine, then there are a few tips you can follow to minimize any staining that may occur.

CBD Vape Outside: This is advice usually given to tobacco smokers, but it applies to vaping as well. When you can, vape outside and that will remove the chance of any staining inside your home.

Dust Frequently: You should dust and wipe down your furniture on a regular basis, say once a week or twice a month. This simply cleaning will pick up any nicotine-held particles that are on the furniture. You can also wipe down the walls and ceiling ever so often to ensure that no staining occurs there as well.

Reduce and Eliminate Nicotine: When you remove the nicotine agent from your CBD vaping, it greatly reduces the chances of staining. So, work towards lowering the nicotine content until it is gone.

By taking these steps, you can prevent much of the potential staining to the furniture, ceiling, and walls of your home. The good news is that you can safely CBD vape in your home and keep it from becoming stained if you take a few steps. Plus, if you use fragrance scents in your vaping, your home will actually have a pleasing odor.