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Once you have made something from wood, whether it be floorboards, furniture, or anything else, you need to coat it with a protective layer in order to make sure that it lasts without becoming prone to bacteria growth or simply getting wet. Hemp oil is a popular choice not only for removing furniture stains but also for wood finishing in general because of its excellent protection and resulting look.

What is Hemp Oil?

Extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, hemp oil has a slightly grassy flavor to it and it has a dark green color in its freshly pressed form. Hemp oil is used in wide variety of products – most commonly for body care products like gels, soaps, creams, etc. It’s popular because it contains high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids that are excellent for the skin. However, apart from this, hemp oil is also used in plastics, paints, lubricants, and wood finishing oils for removing furniture stains as well as for quality wood finishing.

Why Does Wood Need to Be Finished?

Wood finishing is important because without it the wood can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria as a result of absorbing moisture. This drastically reduces the life of the furniture. That’s why a protective coating is added to the furniture, which is known as finishing. The aim of the finish is to basically seal the wood so that it can be protected from the above-mentioned issues. It is also done for removing furniture stains as well as making the furniture easier to clean and giving it a much nicer look.

Why Choose Hemp Oil for Wood Finishing?

hemp oil

Hemp oil is great for wood finishing because of its restorative properties. It is a drying oil that hardens into a solid film when exposed to air. Because of this, hemp oil provides excellent physical protection to the wood. Furthermore, it is simple and safe to apply and you can also mix it with other finishes according to your preferences. Hemp oil is a 100% natural product so you are assured that it does not contain any harsh chemicals and it is completely safe to handle.

How to Use Hemp Oil?

You can use hemp oil just as you would use any other product for wood finishing. The easiest way to use it is to apply it on the furniture directly. However, it can also be put on top of a porous paint layer. After applying the hemp oil on the wood, let it soak through it to add the protection layer.

Final Word

hemp oil

After you have spent a lot of money on purchasing beautiful furniture or wood floors, it is extremely important that you protect it against damage and moisture with a quality finish so that it lasts much longer. There are a lot of finishes available on the market for this purpose and each of them have their own advantages. Using hemp oil for wood finishing is recommended because of its effectiveness, safety, ease of use, and most importantly, the way the finished furniture ends up looking.