Whenever we fall prey into a social or political dilemma, our primary instinct guides us to fall back upon the Federal law that assures equal protection of all the citizens across the country without any scope of discrimination. However, not always are these laws employed in favor us; sometimes the situation backfires and even if a person has lawfully committed an action, the others surrounding him are capable of raising a legal concern by locating one or two glitches here and there.

For instance, in the furniture stores, if an employ has been fired owing to his inefficiency and inconsistency, in a fit of anger, the worker can file a lawsuit on the grounds of wrongful termination even when it is not. Therefore, to steer away from situations like these, here are a few ways in which the furniture stores can avoid being trapped in such lawsuits.

Have an employee register
Before getting started with your company, make certain that you have a register delineated which contains all the legal causes circumscribing the discourses in your business and hand over to each of your employees, a copy of this. If you are unsure about its relevance, consult a wrongful termination lawyer who will make you understand the significance of the legal sections and how they can be employed to suffice your needs. Furthermore, a wrongful termination lawyer will advise you to cover all the aspects of the furniture stores so that there remains no opportunity fir the employees to locate a perforation and target that for initiating the lawsuit. Generally speaking, the register must contain specifications about, (i) policy of seeking leaves, (ii) dress code, (iii) hours of the job, (iv) cases that would generate compensation from the company and (v) a harassment policy. Ensure that everyone working at the furniture stores have a copy of this duly signed after agreeing with all the terms and conditions set by the wrongful termination lawyer.

If the employee needs to be disciplined
If the violation initiated by the employee is not to grave, the matter can be settled over a meeting; however, the meeting comes with a string of prerequisites, which if let loose and invoke serious issues in the future. Instead of conducting a one-on-one meeting, keep some other employees of your store present on the site; note down why and what led him/them to lose his track of professionalism and what does your register of clauses prescribe as a consequence of this. Once the matter is settled from both sides, give him the course of the meeting in writing and inculcate the repercussions that he is likely to face if the action is repeated. Get the documents signed and have a copy of it at your store as well to fall back upon during future accusations, if any.

When the employee is to be terminated
When all forms of warnings fail to discipline the employee he must be terminated or otherwise, he would turn out to become a burden for the company. While terminating, make sure you are providing him a strapping explanation for your move and if possible, get the whole thing recorded in an audio or video tape with the consent of the employee. Jot down all the proceedings of the procedure on hard paper to be clear from your side and block every source from where a potential case can be raised in the future.