The vibrant and rustic antique patterned rugs can be a great addition to your place. However, you might not realize that owning one old and antique rug is a responsibility more than a pleasure. Something that might scare you is walking over your own one of its kind rug with a hefty price tag.

However, it is still under your control to maintain the condition and look of the antique rugs as they are well-trod and durable in design. Here are some of the tips and tricks that might be helpful in the maintenance.

Consider the Quality
Before getting your hands on an antique rug, consider checking the quality. The quality of the antique rugs can be identified through the quality of wool, dyes, and the number of knot per square inch. However, it is really difficult to identify a truly authentic and antique rug without consulting the experts. Other than that, the material of the antique rugs plays a vital role in determining the requirement of maintenance.

Consider the fiber of the weave to determine the origin of the rugs. Commonly used material includes wool, cotton, silk, and goat hairs. Material such as silk requires more efforts due to their delicacy. Wool can be considered as the best choice for the high volume areas as it is easy to clean.

Cleaning Solution
If the antique rugs are properly maintained, they will survive for the longest period of time. The suggested method for the care of an antique rug is the usage of the vacuum cleaner. You might find vacuum hard for the delicate antique rug however, the regular usage of vacuum removes every dirt particle.

The recommended method is to use the vacuum without bristles. Other than that, the standard cleaning methods that include chemical formula should be avoided as they might cause damage to the antique rug. So, consider water with a chemical-free solution to reduce the chances of color bleeds. Apart from that, consider professional cleaning after every five years.

Antique Rug
Antique Rug

Precautionary Measures
There are certain measures that should be considered for the maintenance of your antique rugs. Damp should be avoided as it can damage the natural material of the antique rug such as cotton or silk. Intense heat exposure in the form of open fire or heat dryers should be avoided. Excessive sunlight exposure should also be avoided as it might result in fading the color away. Consider placing your rug at a place where the sunlight is blocked and curtains are used.

The best environment should be a dry place that is not too hot or humid. Other than that, consider rotating the antique rug after some period of time. Also, protect it from untrained pets and never keep it under heavy furniture. Lastly, keep an eye on the moth damage as it can harm your antique piece.